From La Prairie's art exhibition.

ART ATTACK: La Prairie continues linking up with artists, most recently in Paris’ Triple V gallery on Tuesday night to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Swiss brand’s Caviar collection.

Jean-Baptiste Grosdidier, general manager of France for the company, called La Prairie “the artist of formulation.”

“We asked five artists to create [pieces] thinking of La Prairie and the exclusive Cellular Complex,” the executive explained.

For the Paris show, Paul Coudamy built a sculpture, called “Living Cells,” reminiscent of a cellular structure with black balls — like caviar — attached to sections. In another one of his pieces, called “Solid Frequencies,” sound waves emitted by a person’s arm and hand caused little white balls to jump around in a large glass tube.

Cinq Fruits displayed large-sized photographs reminiscent of the link between beauty and science. While Bonjour Lab and TremensS also created two other pieces especially for the exhibit.

It’s been a busy few months on the art front for La Prairie. In March, the brand launched a digital takeover of its Instagram account, @laprairie, by six Swiss artists. Then in June, the company partnered with Art Basel for the first time.

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