Dan Lawson Lafayette 148

Dan Lawson had no idea he would be a brand ambassador when he entered costume design, but now he’s doing exactly that with women’s brand Lafayette 148 New York.

“It makes sense because we [costume designers] don’t just dress one person. We are dressing hundreds of people a week. All different characters with all different body types,” said Lawson, who is known for his work on the CBS series “The Good Wife.” “So it’s very exciting to be able to have people look to us. I think that we inspire the way people dress.”

Lawson was holding court at Lafayette 148’s New York headquarters — the brand recently opened a store nearby on Broome Street — to celebrate the new partnership. According to the costume designer, he has worked with Dryel and has designed clothes for his women’s line 35DL, which is only available in Europe, but this is his first time representing an apparel line.

Lawson, who also appears in an online video series for Lafayette 148, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, will travel the country and host events where he is able to interact with customers and style them in the pieces from the line.

“The collection is so chic and elegant,” said Lawson, who has dressed “The Good Wife” cast members in the line. “It’s for a woman who leads with her intellect but also wants to look good.”