Models in Lala Berlin's Pre-Collection 2017

LALA IN THE SKY WITH MODELS: Lala Berlin designer Leyla Piedayesh wanted to share her new perspective. On Tuesday, she invited 200 friends and press to a rooftop presentation of her small pre-collection, called Hypnotic Nights, in the highest penthouse the city has to offer.

Models circulated around the luxury space in red-orange, cognac, black and blue looks, many paisley printed, with a hint of rocker chic and masculine tailoring, and playful pleated elements.

Guests including actress Heike Makatsch, Premium Exhibitions chief Anita Tillmann and style scenester Veronika Heilbrunner watched from inside and outside, through the sky-high apartment’s glass walls.

There’s more Lala Berlin on the horizon. Piedayesh will show her main spring collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August, as she has for the past three seasons. The move has helped build the market all over Scandinavia, but Berlin remains a busy home base.

“It’s a lot,” Piedayesh told WWD. “I think next season I’m going to take a rest. We are also restructuring, and we just moved, and there are a lot of things happening all at once, so it’s always good to rest a little. “

It’s likely the busy Piedayesh won’t sit still for long. She’s already looking to show her Lala Berlin brand in a new city very soon. “Maybe it’s going to be New York, L.A., or Paris. I don’t know. You have a five-year plan, but you have to be flexible and go with the flow,” she said.