On Wednesday morning, actress Laura Linney, currently on Broadway as a war-injured photographer in the play “Time Stands Still,” managed to squeeze in time to take in the Michael Kors show. This spring, she also will be seen in the new James Ivory film “City of Your Final Destination” alongside Anthony Hopkins and Charlotte Gainsbourg, in which she plays Carolina, the icy, isolated widow of a famous author who spends her days painting and drinking on a Uruguay estate while sporting impeccable white shirts and slicked back buns. But the actress was as warm and friendly as they come from her front row perch. Skin glowing, dressed in a pale blue Kors dress, she chatted about the importance of clothing in her acting, the transformative power of fashion and keeping things simple.

WWD: What brings you to Michael Kors today?
Laura Linney: Well, Michael has always been extremely generous and I love his clothes. I love wearing them. They’re comfortable, they’re chic.

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WWD: And as an actress how does clothing play into your roles in films and plays? I know especially in your upcoming film “City of Your Final Destination,” clothing is so imperative to your character in expressing who she is.
L.L.: Oh, certainly. It certainly says a lot about who you are and who you want to be and who you aspire to be.

WWD: And in your personal life do you find you take a more spare approach because you have to put on those costumes for your characters?
L.L.: Yes I do actually. You’re right, you’re absolutely right.

WWD: And is that why you gravitate toward Michael’s aesthetic?
L.L.: I tend to lean towards the clean, slightly modern, hopefully chic way to go.

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