Leonard Lauder

Businessman, art collector, philanthropist and now…scribe. Leonard A. Lauder on Wednesday said he is working on a book about his extraordinary life. The 86-year-old son of Estée Lauder and chairman emeritus of the conglomerate that today bears his mother’s name, Lauder is considered one of the key architects of the modern-day beauty business.

“I have been blessed with a wonderful life,” he told WWD in confirming a report about the book in The New York Post. “In my business career and my personal life, I have had challenging and exciting experiences and been surrounded by outstanding people. I want to tell the unique story of my mother and father, the company they founded, and all we have accomplished. I want to convey the business lessons I’ve learned in the hopes that they can guide others. I want to tell the story of my philanthropy and my art collecting. For years, I have been asked to do this; now is the time.”

Lauder joined the family firm at age 25 in 1958, when it was generating $800,000 in sales. Today, the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. markets 29 brands with a distribution reach of more than 150 markets and has annual sales of more than $14 billion.

No doubt the tome will be chockablock with the wisdom that Lauder is renowned for sharing inside and outside of the company, be it the benefits of always sending a thank you note or a master class in selective distribution.

Despite his accomplishments, Lauder is as engaged as ever.

“You can’t learn anything with your mouth open all the time,” he told WWD last year. “Listen, listen, listen. You’ll be amazed, if you are willing to listen, what you can learn.”

A publication date has not been set.