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LeSportsac’s latest collaboration sees its signature nylon designs covered in flora and fauna.

The brand has teamed with Disney’s Bambi character subset, in celebration of the baby deer’s 75th birthday.

Cosmetic bags, handbags, backpacks, duffels and wristlets comprise the spring collection. Prices range from $28 to $144 and will retail at LeSportsac stores worldwide.

Said LeSportsac’s vice president, global creative, D’Arcy Jensen: “As a brand who does a lot of collaborations, Disney is great partner because of their vast resources, the world’s most beloved characters and the quality of high art inspiration.

“I’m personally excited about Bambi as I’ve always been moved by the beautiful artistic scenery. The soft, dappled light of the forest in particular was the inspiration for this collection. Now with the recent passing of the incredible original artist Tyrus Wong, my fondness for Bambi and the chance to work in the collection is even more special. ”