BLUE FOR GREEN: Sportswriters have often used the term “field of jeans” to refer to Levi’s Stadium, the new Levi Strauss & Co.-sponsored home of the San Francisco 49ers in San Jose. Levi’s brought the term to life earlier this month when it worked with the team to collect 18,850 pairs of jeans to be donated to Goodwill locations in the Bay Area, re-routing more than 12 tons of denim, rivets and other findings and trimmings — and what could have resulted in 171,000 pounds of CO2 emissions —from landfills.

Before the dungarees were sent off to their intended retail destinations, artist Hannah Sitzer supervised a group of 50 people who, over the course of 16 hours, populated the 49ers field with the bottoms in the shape of a recycling logo.

Levi’s noted that the 12 tons of jeans outweighed the 49ers active roster by about 11,000 pounds.

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