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VA-VA VROOM: Not content with getting the flashbulbs popping at the John Galliano show Sunday afternoon, Lewis Hamilton was busily snapping a few selfies of his own. The Formula One world champion was taking a couple of days off from training, with his next race in two weeks’ time. Could he be heading for his third consecutive year with the title?


“It would be incredible,” he said. “I feel fit, I feel ready, I’m excited. Naturally, I’m supercompetitive, that’s why I’m good at it.”


The Mercedes driver quashed reports that he is set to release an album of his music, meanwhile. “I don’t have any plans for an album. I just do it as a hobby,” he said. “It’s my escape from my crazy racing world.”


As for training, Hamilton confessed that he is trying to lose weight ahead of the season. “I’ve got about a kilo to go,” he divulged. “I’m on a 5:2 diet and doing long runs. Tomorrow morning I’ll run about an hour and a half around the city of Paris.”


Hamilton admitted that keeping to a diet is tough in the City of Light, however. “I’ve literally had room service every night,” he said.


At the John Galliano show, his second of the week after taking in Vivienne Westwood on Saturday, Hamilton was joined by guests including Kelly Rowland, Inna Modja, Elie Semoun, Yael Naim and Alexia Barlier.


Barlier stars in Michael Bay’s “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” her debut role in an English-language movie. Although she has always lived in France, Barlier’s mom hails from New Zealand, so she speaks the lingo perfectly.


Barlier plays a CIA agent in the film, which released in January Stateside but will only hit French screens at the end of March. “It was quite incredible. It’s a men’s movie; I’m the only woman,” she said.


Chatting happily to Barlier was French comic Semoun, who as well as touring France at the moment will shoot a new comedy for kids starting this summer. “I will play a hysterical train-ticket inspector,” he said. “I’ve already made two movies for kids. I love kids.”


Musician Naim, meanwhile, was still buzzing from winning the Best Female Artist award at the Victoires de la Musique, France’s equivalent of the Grammys, in February. As well as an extensive French tour this year, she will also be performing in the U.S., U.K., Japan and Brazil.


“We’ve just started a new project that will be more of a performance in museums than a concert,” she added.

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