STICKING AROUND: Liberty Fairs’ concept shop in Los Angeles looks like it has some staying power. Irreverent tennis apparel brand Boast will officially launch at the experimental 800-square-foot space at 8366 1/2 West Third Street on Thursday, and online retailer Wittmore, the first company to be housed there, has decided to locate a store permanently about a block away from the rotating retail outpost. Stephanie Seeley, a Los Angeles-based partner in Liberty Fairs and a merchandiser for the trade show, explained Wittmore founder Paul Witt got a good feel for L.A. clientele from Wittmore’s time at Liberty Fairs’ concept shop. “He’s based on the East Coast and was looking to open brick and mortar. He couldn’t decide between New York and Los Angeles. He was able to test the market,” she said.

Speaking more generally about brands that stay for four to six weeks at the concept shop, Seeley said, “We are trying to help brands explore different business avenues without the burden of fees.” After Boast, Tortoise Jeans is taking over the concept shop in October, Rising Sun is set for November, and PF Flyers and New Balance are scheduled for December. Seeley has booked the space through September of next year. “The West Third community has been fantastic.They have completely taken to the space. We have a ton of repeat traffic,” she said.

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