happy socks and linda ramone

Linda Ramone, wife of the late Johnny Ramone, has kept the memory of her former husband and his iconic American band, the Ramones, alive through establishments like Ramones Productions and the Johnny Ramone Army. She has been an active figure in the Los Angeles music and fashion scene, even inspiring Alessandro Michele’s “Hollywood Forever” Gucci collection, and now, as part of a playful endeavor, she and the punk rock guitarist are eternally emblazoned on socks.

“A true love story never dies, so I’ll always think of our love of being a happy love,” Linda Ramone shared with WWD. “For Valentine’s Day, we have amazing Happy Socks to show that our love will last forever and ever.”

Happy Socks and Linda Ramone

Linda Ramone  Courtesy

The collaboration, which launches today with the Swedish manufacturer and retailer, offers a quirky selection of prints that includes three varying editions, priced at $16 each; a blue and purple knee-high version for $18 designed by Ramone herself, and a pink and purple gift box for $48 that’s inspired by her favorite mural in the home she shared with Johnny.

“Many of rock’s greatest relationships burned bright and faded fast,” states the Happy Socks site. “But fashion icon Linda Ramone and legendary guitarist Johnny Ramone never lost sight of what truly mattered. Their story is one of true love that transcends time.”

happy socks and Linda Ramone

Linda Ramone  Courtesy

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