ALL FRIED OUT: Lindsay Owen-Jones, the retired chairman of L’Oréal, has prevailed in his seven-year battle with Valérie Maertens, the owner of a small snack bar in the French ski village Val d’Isère. A local court in Albertville ordered the closure of the bar on Tuesday.

“I don’t know whether I will appeal the decision. This has been going on since 2008. I am financially and physically exhausted,” an emotional Maertens told WWD following the court’s decision. “There’s been seven rulings, and they lost the first six, but not the last one,” Maertens said, adding that the court gave her until the end of the ongoing winter season to close her doors. Its terrace is set to be demolished soon after. “I will be unemployed,” she noted.

The case centered on the odor of French fries that wafts up from the bar to Owen-Jones’ nearby balcony and apartment, which gives on to the slopes. View obstruction was also said to be an issue.

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