“It’s crazy. I’m like a hoarder,” said Lisa Eisner of her rapidly growing jewelry collection, which she keeps in her pool house. Her friend Tom Ford hosted a fete for its launch last year, and now the collection has a retail home, Melrose emporium Maxfield. Eisner hosted a one-night-only installation titled “Nomade 1957” at the store on Thursday night to celebrate.

For the first time, Maxfield owner Tommy Perse opened up the Jean Prouvé glass house “Nomade” that he had installed in the store’s courtyard this past spring for the event. “She asked, so I said yes,” said Perse. “Lisa has always been someone who pretty much knows what she is doing, so when she got her jewelry stuff together, I was really happy with it.”

Eisner also collaborated with Commune’s Matt Monroe and L’Oeil du Vert perfumer Haley Alexander to create the hanging blue shadowboxes custom scent infused throughout the structure. “She did a great job, it suits her presentation,” noted Perse, an avid Prouvé collector who had the house shipped to Los Angeles from France in 40 containers. “I had 15 guys come over from France to put it all together. It’s the only existing Prouvé house outside of France.”

Among the guests who came to check it out were Ford and partner Richard Buckley, Jacqui Getty and Gia Coppola, Cindy Crawford, Lindy Benson, Gelila Puck, Crystal Lourd, Alexandra von Furstenberg and Tracee Ellis Ross.

“It’s insane,” said Ross of the chunky brass and stone pieces, some of which were adorned with rooster and peacock feathers. “I already have quite a collection going and I may get into more trouble tonight.”

Ford, who hadn’t seen all of the new pieces, said: “I’m going in now to look at it all.”

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