Lisa Rinna Stars In Edie Parker Spring 2021 Collection Campaign

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna is bringing her QVC-selling skills to New York Fashion Week with an infomercial-style video presentation for Edie Parker’s new spring collection.

The accessories brand has tapped Rinna for a kitschy infomercial-style video to unveil its spring 2021 collection of handbags, homewear and games.

“Talk about fresh as a f–king daisy,” she said at the start of the video. “Call now and your wildest dreams will come true, and that’s an absolute promise.”

Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman chose to work with Rinna on the collection’s launch to offer a fun and entertaining alternative to a traditional NYFW presentation in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We think Lisa Rinna is one of the funniest women on TV,” Heyman said. “She is a natural salesperson and she is always in on the joke. Obviously we, like everybody else, were forced to rethink how we would show people our products this season while we are largely still working from home. We wanted to honor the original direct-to-consumer experience, and the early joy of shopping from your couch.”

Rinna appears in the video dressed in a leopard-print outfit in a kitchen that displays the brand’s spring 2021 collection. The reality TV star goes through each piece, modeling a few and giving her own review.

“Look at this yellow, it’s like lemon gelato in Capri,” she said about the brand’s Miss Mini bag. “I mean you could even take this to Buca di Beppo and go to [Dorit Kemsley’s] Capri room and be like, ‘hi!’ I mean, would that not look fabulous?”

Rinna then picks up Edie Parker’s Shroomin’ clutch, which features a multicolored acrylic mushroom embellished with a pastel pink chain.

“Well maybe I took mushrooms once, but let’s not talk about it,” she said jokingly. “Look at the inlay on this bag. Are you kidding me? It’s art, honey.”

Rinna moves on to the brand’s new homewear and game collections, which include picture frames, decorative trays, tissue box covers and lighters, among others.

“This is like Home Goods on steroids, OK?” she said, as she shows some of the pink trays that are designed to read “Bless This Mess,” “Home Sweet Home” and “Kiss the Cook.” One Edie Parker tray Rinna displays is designed to resemble a watermelon, which prompts her to start singing Harry Styles’ hit song, “Watermelon Sugar.”

Rinna then presents the brand’s hybrid lighter and ashtray, making a reference to one of the many dramatic moments from her reality TV show.

“Sometimes you may have people over that do illicit things,” she said. “I don’t judge, I mean I do, but I try not to. It’s doing illegal things chic-ly. You know, if you’re going to do coke in your bathroom, then go do coke in your bathroom, right? I’ll probably call you out, but be ready for it.”

She ends the video reminding viewers about Edie Parker’s customization option, joking that you can get a clutch that reads “Rinna” or “Mrs. Hamlin.”

“Get creative, get fabulous, get fun, get crazy,” she said. “Go do coke in the bathroom! Own it. Do whatever you want, I don’t care!”

Watch the full video here:

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