A ring design by Lladro.

Lladro — creator of highfalutin figurines — is plotting a business beyond the tchotchke shelf.

The Spanish porcelain purveyor has launched a line of jewelry — thus creative mobile versions of its craftworks — made from its famous porcelain and various metals.

The range of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings launched globally in Lladro stores in mid-September, and will be offered for wholesale early next year — aimed at luxury boutiques and department stores.

“One of the reasons we launched into jewelry was to reach a new client and expand the brand. It’s wearable art, done in a modern, contemporary way,” said the company’s U.S. chief executive officer, Sandra Jordan.

The company estimates that jewelry will eventually count for 10 to 15 percent of its overall sales. The line ranges in price from $125 for a ring to $975 for a full choker necklace. Jordan said the company took care to make sure that nothing exceeded $1,000.

“With precious stones you would have a fine price point. We feel that the porcelain itself is done in a precious way,” she said.