SPRING CLEANING: Loft has spring fever and is spreading the bug. The company — which introduced its first round of comedy shorts last fall — has tapped Busy Philipps for a new video to debut on loft.com on Thursday, this time centered around spring themes. In the latest short — directed, produced by and featuring Philipps — the actress goes a little overboard with spring cleaning using Marie Kondo’s KonMari method. The popular decluttering approach asks people to consider if items in their home bring them joy before deciding to either keep or toss.

Actor and producer Brad Morris, who worked with Philipps on TBS’ “Cougar Town,” plays her husband in the video. “I pitched Loft with this idea, ‘What if my character goes crazy with the Marie Kondo method?'” Philipps explained. “I loved that none of my husband’s stuff brought me joy and [I threw it all away]. If I did that to my husband [in real life] I would be fired as a wife,” she said with a laugh. “Working with Loft has been kind of a dream. Creatively, they let me do whatever I felt like.” In the video, Philipps sports a few looks from the company’s spring collection. “I feel like for most of the country — certainly not Los Angeles — when you get out of winter and that first day of warm weather hits, everyone is wearing shorts and spring clothes but is freezing by 4 p.m. because it really isn’t spring yet,” she said.

“I like the idea of being really excited to do spring activities,” Philipps said of the inspiration.