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ON THE SCENT: Azzi Glasser, the perfumer who has created bespoke scents for Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Orlando Bloom, among others, is rapidly expanding her fledgling perfume brand The Perfumer’s Story.

The three-month-old fragrance offering will launch online and internationally at boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Milan over the next year, reaching a total of 45 doors. The perfumer declined to reveal the names of the retailers.

“We want to keep it selective, prestigious, elite and then slowly take it out rather than expand too much,” she said Thursday during a conversation with the model Jack Guinness as part of a speaker series organized by the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Trust program.

Among the guests were Tania Fares, chair of the Fashion Trust, Daniel Lismore, Noomi Rapace and Yasmin Mills.

Currently exclusive to Harvey Nichols, each of the 11 perfumes in the range retails for 95 pounds, or $132. The bespoke scents start at 15,000 pounds, or $21,000. Glasser has her own atelier at Harvey Nichols.

Glasser described the fragrances as “based on characters and styles, so it just helps consumers choose their perfume better.”

During the night guests sniffed the scent she created for Alexander McQueen and Nick Knight’s “Memento Mori” installation that was staged in the 18th-century church, Chapelle St. Charles in Avignon, in 2000.

She described the scent as resembling “a church in wartime, old and every single corner of the church filled with wood, dirt and dust.”

Jack Guinness said that he was wearing Glasser’s Old Books scent, “which makes you feel more intelligent. There is the sense of a library and leather.” It contains myrrh, cedar and frankincense.

Old Books is also a favorite of designer Holly Fulton, who said she was just winding down after her London Fashion Week show. “Old Books and Ditch are two of my favorite scents. I much prefer the fresher scents that Azzi creates,” Fulton said.

Glasser wears perfume Sequoia Wood from The Perfumer’s Story range. It is made from cedar, patchouli and white musk oils with top notes of neroli and palmarosa.

“To do my own smell is actually quite hard to do. The love of my life loves it, I even met him wearing it, and I get so many compliments that makes me feel really great. In a way it kind of happened by chance, I thought, ‘I really like this and it represents me.’”

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