Nothing 2 See Here collection from Lorna Jane

BOTTOM LINE: Lorna Jane Clarkson’s been behind enough backsides to know there’s a real spandex crisis in gyms, yoga studios, cycle houses and myriad other places people now frequent to get their sweat on.

The founder and chief creative officer of the Australian activewear company and retailer Lorna Jane has witnessed enough see-through malfunctions, she and her company are now promising the salve to those pesky problems. Lorna Jane launches its Nothing to See Here collection for fall aiming to provide wearers with the kind of coverage its name implies.

“This technology is absolutely amazing,” Clarkson said. “I have been behind rows of people doing downward dog and there’s been so many see-through [problems].”

The collection launches in black with three lengths — full, 7/8 and short — priced at $110.99, $99.99 and $69.99, respectively. Nothing to See Here will be sold in all Lorna Jane stores and the company’s online store, where pre-ordering begins Aug. 1.

“We’ve tried to have one garment that’s going to fit every one of our customers,” said Clarkson, who believes there will be a wait list for the new line.

The four-way stretch fabrication was in development for about a year and included six months of testing, which looked at recovery of the fabric after stretching, moisture wicking and color testing.

The new line, as with everything else under the brand, was designed at headquarters and made in the company’s factories in China.

Clarkson said the company has already started designing for February and March. It’s likely, she said, the newly developed material will be infused into the rest of the line over time as further development continues on colors beyond black, some of which have a greater tendency toward fabric grinning, or stress on the weave of the material’s threads.