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 MYSTERY LADY: A yet to be disclosed Italian woman is going to mark the history of Louis Vuitton with a high-impact project, according to the luxury brand’s chairman and chief executive officer Michael Burke.

“There is a project coming up, and an Italian woman will be front and center,” he said at a cocktail celebrating the latest evolution of Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection in Milan on Monday night. Louis Vuitton will disclose the new project at a dinner in Paris on April 11.

In the meantime, Luis Vuitton returned to Milan Design Week with an installation at Palazzo Bocconi, which hosted the objects conceived by a range of international designers. These included a sofa by Humberto and Fernando Campana, who gleaned inspiration from Venus’ shell painted by Sandro Botticelli; Atelier Oï’s chair crafted from leather straps, as well as a table featuring a nomadic talisman-inspired pattern by India Mahdavi.

Objets Nomades Installation in Milan

Objets Nomades installation in Milan  Lodovico Colli di Felizzano

Launched five years ago, Objets Nomades are meant to be functional.

“I really wanted people to buy them. We had a long history of one-of-a-kind pieces showcased in the stores, but when we introduced this, we defined a different take on how we attack this project,” Burke said. “I wanted pieces which can be used, where you can sleep, you can sit. So we had to create highly engineered objects in which the engineering aspect had to disappear — it’s super complex. The process is very similar to the production of shoes. It’s about engineered creativity.”

Burke added that the Objets Nomades collection is sold across the globe, but especially where there are “beautiful and architecturally designed homes.” He also highlighted the importance of big spaces to properly host the pieces.

Louis Vuitton will also present another project at the Venice Biennale in May.

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