Lucky Blue and Pyper America Smith at the Iceberg event in Milan.

A FUNNY THING: “It was fun,” Lucky Blue Smith, his sister Pyper America, and James Long, the creative director of Iceberg, said in chorus, talking about photographing the brand’s fall ad campaign. The two siblings, who appear together in the images, flew to Milan on Saturday to attend the meet-and-greet event held at the Iceberg’s shop on Via Verri.

According to the house, more than 300 young girls gathered outside the store beginning in the early afternoon. They were gifted with a white logoed T-shirt, which the models signed.

“Iceberg was famous for [David] LaChapelle, [who] shot Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton,” said Long, pointing out how it was an obvious choice to tap the Smiths. “I thought these guys are kind of like the Iceberg stars of nowadays, really,” Long explained.

Sporting Iceberg’s matching logoed crewneck, on him, and jogger pants, on her, the siblings giggled, saying they don’t feel like they are celebrities.

“We’re just these goofy kids,” said Pyper America, who is planning to attend auditions and start an acting career. When asked about her idols, she mentioned Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon.

The 19-year-old Lucky Blue, who saw the birth of his first child back in July said, “Life with her [his daughter, Gravity] is amazing, like I couldn’t be happier” and revealed he’s “just picking the right stuff to do” in order to spend as much time as he can with his daughter, who lives in Los Angeles.

The siblings, who also worked together in the past, added that the Iceberg team is one of the easiest they ever worked for, highlighting “they made the job so easy, with a fun and good attitude on set, it was just so nice.”

Similarly, Long was enthusiastic to have them in his first big campaign for the brand because “Iceberg is a family business, so this just worked and fitted well.”

Iceberg, which is based in Italy, debuted the campaign back in August. The pictures were taken by Samuel Trotter, a 19-year-old photographer, in Los Angeles near Griffith Park, Venice Beach and the L.A. River.