Hartmann's New Glider Luggage

ON THE MOVE: Hartmann, the heritage luggage brand based in Massachusetts, has invented a new technology to make its suitcases “glide,” in a way it claims will have a significant impact on the travel accessories industry.

The brand’s new technology “system,” called StrideAlign, features wide-set, low-profile wheels that prevent cases from tipping over and create an ease of motion.

The company patented the technology and has applied it to its Ratio and Ratio Classic Deluxe collections, with iterations called Glider cases. These designs were unveiled last month at the Travel Goods Association trade show. Widespread retail distribution is expected this month, with product priced from $525 to $650.

Mark Salander, vice president of design and product development of Samsonite, parent company of Hartmann, said of the product: “Hartmann specifically developed this luggage technology, shape and style with the road warrior in mind.

“I’ve traveled through countless airports and have personally watched travelers struggle in the process. No matter how luxurious their luggage is, the experience is still cumbersome. Our goal with the Glider cases was for Hartmann to provide a permanent solution to the ongoing problem all travelers have.”