Cundo Bermudez has inspired Luis Valenzuela for an Art Wynwood project.

NEXT STOP, CUBA: For the sixth edition of the upcoming Art Wynwood, eco-friendly fashion designer Luis Valenzuela has created pieces inspired by Cuban artist Cundo Bermúdez. A few of the turbans and dresses are reminiscent of shapes and silhouettes from Bermúdez’s work including the 1995 oil on canvas “Lady Sitting at the Table.” Cernuda Arte is hosting a panel discussion in conjunction with the Coral Gables Museum highlighting the museum exhibit “Cuban Art in the 20th Century: Cultural Identity and the International Avant-Garde,” which bows Jan. 21 and runs through April 23. There will also be a special Cuban art exhibit at the fair.

At the opening night preview, models will be on hand wearing the dresses and turbans Valenzuela has designed. If any of the VIP guests (or any other art fans) decide they need to add his dresses to their closets, they will have the option to buy these unique pieces in his booth at Art Wynwood. The show runs Feb. 16-20. The street artist and Obey clothing founder Shepard Fairey will be in town to pick up the Tony Goldman Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award.

Unrelated to the upcoming show, Valenzuela is creating small-scale 3-D replicas of well-known museum art pieces for visually impaired people. His efforts will be part of “The Sightless Project, The World of Art Just a 3D Touch Away,” which will get a test run at the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami. Having miniaturized a computer-altered version of the “Venus of Willendorf,” Valenzuela said there are 346 pieces on loan from museums in London, Paris and other cities. Nefertiti and “The Winged Victory of Samothrace” (also known as “Nike of Samothrace”) will also be downsized for the visually impaired museumgoers.

Valenzuela, who also works as an artist and journalist, said of his fashion design: “I never went commercial. I always incorporate art and fashion. I’ve done pieces inspired by Salvador Dalí and different masters. My private clients like to look really unique when they go on the red carpet or to private parties. I actually dressed one lady in a paper dress that I designed inspired by Dior. They flew me to New York and I dressed her with this beautiful paper from Japan, it’s really sensational. All my work is like that. It’s related to art and design, and now I incorporate technology which is the 3-D part of it.”