LUSH BATTLES AMAZON: Lush Cosmetics has entered into a legal dispute with Amazon in the U.K. over trademark infringement. In a case that was heard in the U.K.’s high court last week, Lush argued that Amazon is buying advertising words related to Lush in order to drive traffic to Amazon’s site, which does not sell Lush products.

Lush also said that when customers search for Lush’s products on Amazon’s U.K. site, they’re shown competitors’ products. “This, on a Web site designed for speedy transactions, can lead to customers mistaking other [companies’] products as being from Lush,” the company said. “There is a lack of clarity over the origins of the products. This is not a theoretical risk as…customers have said they have been misled.”

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Lush noted that when it raised the issue with Amazon, it was directed to the firm’s sales team. “Lush is our house mark, and our business is dependent on it. We will always protect our name,” the firm said.

The court is expected to release its verdict early next year. Amazon in the U.K. did not respond to requests for comment.