Lyst Sneaker Intelligence Unit

NO SMALL FEAT: Lyst, the fashion search platform, is launching a Sneaker Intelligence Unit, a research program aimed at providing further insights into the sneaker market.

“We’re looking to supplement our technological insights with the personal opinions of a hyper-informed community of experts,” said Katy Lubin, communications director at Lyst.

The sneaker category is worth $55 billion globally, with more than a million shoppers searching for sneakers on a monthly basis, according to the platform.

“We’ve seen a 25 percent increase in demand for sneakers year-over-year from Lyst customers, so we’ve already begun expanding our sneaker inventory, and the Intelligence Unit’s reports will absolutely help to shape how we can better serve this new audience moving forward,” Lubin said.

To engage this audience, Lyst is looking for sneaker-heads to join its team with knowledge of sneaker design, history and culture to build content for the platform’s series of sneaker industry and community reports.

“We want to support and complement the amazing sneaker content that’s already out there by providing additional data-driven insights, backed by expert opinions. We hope that our sneaker research arm will provide new intelligence that will engage sneaker and lifestyle publishers and shoppers, stimulating this passionate community,” Lubin said.

The sneaker category shows no signs of slowing down. In November, Chris Kyvetos, founder and creative director of Sneakerboy, revealed plans to create a footwear studio in China, which will provide guidance to “creative kids” and brands to approach footwear in a sustainable way.

Later in the year, Farfetch acquired Stadium Goods for $250 million and, according to José Neves, founder, chief executive officer and co-chairman of Farfetch, the platform will get “a supply of a high-demand product category. The endless variety of sneakers fits seamlessly into the Farfetch marketplace model.”

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