M Missoni x Pure Beauty

M Missoni is partnering with Los Angeles-based cannabis brand Pure Beauty to debut custom cannabis cigarettes in the fashion brand’s iconic zigzag patterns. The THC-containing pre-rolls will debut during M Missoni’s Feb. 4 event at L.A. landmark Pink’s Hot Dogs.

Although CBD products have been a mainstay in fashion show gift bags and at events for several seasons, this partnership on psychoactive THC products is the first of its kind between a luxury fashion house and a cannabis brand. Pure Beauty is known for its stylish aesthetic; there’s a whimsical set of eyeballs on each joint, and the cigarette-style boxes are Millennial pink. The colorful M Missoni versions will be available for purchase for a limited time at select dispensaries in California.

In a nod to creative director Margherita Missoni’s inaugural show in September, which featured a tram ride through the streets of Milan, the fall 2020 show will feature a Missoni-branded trolley transporting guests and M Missoni-clad models through the streets of L.A. to a showcase at Pink’s.

“Margherita Missoni was attracted to showing in L.A. because, ‘It’s a place where fashion is not constrained by the rules of the system and is positively influenced by different lifestyles and passions.’ Pure Beauty perfectly aligns with that perspective,” said Imelda Walavalkar, cofounder of Pure Beauty. “But, as a weed brand focused on resource conservation, what also excited us about this collaboration was M Missoni’s commitment to reuse, remix and respect the brand’s existing inventory with an eye toward sustainability. That, and what better place to get high than a psychedelic-branded trolley ride through the streets of L.A.?”

Founded in 2017, Pure Beauty is an L.A.-based cannabis brand with sustainable and progressive messaging, committed to low-resource cultivation and championing criminal justice reform by working with post-incarcerated populations to help reduce rates of recidivism.

Marijuana for recreational use is legal in 11 states, including California but not New York, and the federal government still categorizes it as a Schedule I drug, like heroin, making interstate commerce impossible and brand-building and collaborations challenging.

Despite the proliferation of marijuana brands, particularly in California, there have been signs in recent months that the market could be slowing. After rapid expansion, a handful of fashion-industry hires, and a new apparel line, Culver City, Calf.-based cannabis retailer MedMen laid off 40 percent of its workforce at the end of last year in an effort to restructure to offset losses and achieve profitability. California marijuana advertising platform Weedmaps also had layoffs at the end of 2019.

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