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STORY LINES: There were 70 people seated at dinner at the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House on Friday night to celebrate Miles Aldridge’s exhibition, “I Only Want You To Love Me.” But the guest list at MAC senior vice president and creative director James Gager’s fantasy dinner party would be significantly shorter. “I’d invite my two poodles,” said the night’s co-host. “They’re just the smartest dogs.”

Guests at this dinner included models Tallulah Harlech, Jade Parfitt, Portia Freeman and Maddison Brudenell, actress and writer Daisy Bates, Marissa Montgomery, Daphne Guinness, and Bip Ling, who is working on a rap song about downloads.

Surrounded by her brother’s melancholic images of melancholic virgin saints, Saffron Aldridge told of her transformation from North London girl into fashion model. “I was 15 and working in Camden Lock market making burgers,” she recalled. “Miles saw me go from that to being transformed into a glamorous being through photographs. He spent time with me on a Ralph Lauren shoot with Bruce Weber. In those days, the shoots would last for two weeks and we’d get a day off in between.”
“I grew up around this world of beauty,” the photographer related earlier in the day at MAC’s new Covent Garden store. “I have this family where all my sisters were models, my ex-wife was a model. So to me glamour and beauty, all the truths of human nature, are kind of wedded together in these women I’ve been around all my life.”
Talking of their seven-year collaboration, Gager said that working with Aldridge is, above all, fun. “We both avoid the bland and the normal, there’s no time for sadness,” he said. “That’s one of reasons why I was drawn towards working with Miles, because if you look at all of his imagery he’s telling you a story.”

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