Macklemore on Mount Rainier for Columbia Sportswear.

TOUGH ENOUGH: Mention of the musician Macklemore may not conjure up images of the great outdoors for most of his fans, but that didn’t deter Columbia Sportswear from shooting a video with him for the brand.

Just as many wouldn’t necessarily know his real name is Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, they might not know that his roots are in the Northwest — Kent, Wash. That biographical footnote makes his connection to the Portland, Ore.-rooted Columbia more logical. For the three-minute video, the “Thrift Shop” singer returned to his home state to roam along the trails of Mount Rainier outside of Seattle. Wearing an OutDry Extreme ECO jacket for most of the trailside portion of his solo trek, Macklemore speaks about how seeing Mount Rainier from the window of an airplane after a year on the road symbolizes home. He broke the video via social media today.

Referring to the epic nature of the 14,410-foot mountain in the U.S. National Park, he said, “It gives you a chance to feel small, to put things in perspective, to realize that these lives that we’ve created inside of these cities, these man-made places, have nothing on the vastness of Mount Rainier.”

Interspersed with images of his life on-the-road performing and in his house with his family, he speaks about how he has routinely been tested tough in his life, referring to Columbia’s #TestedTough marketing campaign. “For me, it’s being a good dad, being a good partner, doing the right thing, staying sober, battling addiction — and that’s a test that I will never fully win. I just have to go day-by-day, be present, show up for my family, be of service to others. These are all moments that I am constantly tested. In general, the music industry is making art and then there’s the business side to it. And in both places, I’m tested. What’s the next song going to be? Where’s inspiration going to strike to not sound like New York or Atlanta or Florida or California? I wanted to make music that sounded like Seattle and the Northwest.”

More about introspection than exertion, Macklemore closes the clip with, “if you want a dose of humility, a dose of perspective of what really matters…there’s no better place to be than outside.”

Last month, the Washingtonian shot an educational video for Columbia about the environmental hazards of PFCs in outerwear.

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