HIGH ALERT: In the wake of Saturday’s multimillion dollar heist at Dennis Basso’s Madison Avenue store, executives and security at the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District will be looking to the New York Police Department for guidance in helping businesses to amp up security.

Matthew Bauer, executive director of the Madison Avenue BID, which represents more than 800 businesses including 400-plus retailers, said the group is “completely open to new strategies” regarding security and will be in close contact with the NYPD as the investigation develops. Noting how the police apprehended thieves who hit a number of stores in the middle of the night a few years back, Bauer said there hadn’t been an overnight incident in several years. “You can see this is a place where all the businesses have cameras, and there are cameras in the street,” he said.

The Madison Avenue BID has 14 security officers who patrol Madison Avenue during work hours starting early in the morning and into the evening, but not overnight, Bauer said. Referring to Saturday’s pre-dawn break-in at Dennis Basso, Bauer said the investigation is still in determination mode, as far as he knows.

When need be, the organization has been adept at sharing information with members about shoplifters or any other incidents that are reason for concern, Bauer said. Going forward, there will be a concerted effort for stronger vigilance to raise awareness about developments or any increased preventive measures in regards to this weekend’s heist, he added. No one wants another incident to happen especially in the crucial holiday selling season when stores are trying to make their year-end numbers, Bauer said.

Area businesses will be encouraged to abide by the NYPD’s request for community awareness. “’If you see something, say something.’ That is one mantra which always makes sense,” Bauer said. “We have a long-standing relationship with the 19th [police precinct] and they do a great job.” Testimony to that can be seen in the amount of media attention the Basso incident is getting.