Ermenegildo Zegna

ALI, ART AT ZEGNA: Mahershala Ali once again attended the Ermenegildo Zegna show and was happy to talk about the campaign he’s fronting for the brand for spring, hinging on the meaning of masculinity today. Pointing to more to come, the Academy Award winner said “It’s all been positive, I was excited to collaborate with Zegna and I am looking forward to releasing more.” Asked to elaborate on the theme, he said, “For me personally it’s an awareness that I sort of lived with in my work, always trying to figure out how I connect to these different characters or whoever they may fall on that scale or how to interpret how these characters see the world in terms of their own masculinity. It’s a conversation that is necessary and that needs to continue.”

Ali took his seat passing through the art installation staged by American artist and sculptor Anne Patterson at the location, a former mechanical components factory. Patterson explained that she used “extra Zegna fabrics from past seasons,” transforming the materials into 3,500 colored ribbons that hung from the ceiling, contrasting with the industrial space. “I created this world that seems like a natural world. Looking up, it feels like you are in the woods.” She said that, as a fabric artist, she had done “quite a few” of these kind of pieces, but this was the first time she used recycled fabrics. “I found the idea that I am using all this material that might be thrown away very exciting,” said Patterson, who worked with eight art students in Milan to build the work. “We are talking about possibly reusing this and going to other places, their showrooms or stores, so that people can come in and enjoy it — it’s really special.” The installation will be on site and open to the public for the month of January.

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