ON THE MOVE: Of the five home and office spaces presented in teNeue’s recently published coffee table book, “Life and Work: Malene Birger’s Life in Pictures,” only S’Arraco, her residence on Majorca, and the 21,500-square-foot offices/showroom on the outskirts of Copenhagen remain in the Danish designer’s possession.

“You shouldn’t see that as a negative point,” she said at a recent book signing in Berlin’s Quartier 206 department store. “It’s a personal trait.”

Birger, 47, has moved house 32 times since she was 20, plus made six “giant” office moves since setting up her brand, By Malene Birger, in Copenhagen in 2003. “I’m passionate about projects: About finding a space, renovating it, living in it for a while, but when a project is done, I’m also done. I feel I have to move on. I need to develop myself all the time,” she explained.

The book was two years in the making, the idea of photographer Sabine Wesemann, who had previously shot one of Birger’s Majorca houses for an article and later the Copenhagen offices. “She said why not do a book on your homes and I thought how? How could we sell it? I’m not Ralph Lauren,” Birger recalled. But Wesemann countered “It’s all so personal, you did it all yourself,” and the same holds true for the book.

The graphics and layout were overseen by Birger, a personal design factor that helped clinch teNeue’s involvement. Weighing in at over 7 pounds, the tome features 250 photographs and illustrations and has been released internationally for €79.90, $95.00 and £70.00.

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