A look from Mango's special collection for Ramadan

PARIS — Mango is launching a special collection for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, joining a growing trend for fast-fashion retailers to create lines targeting Muslim customers.

The collection will include casual clothes such as jackets, kaftans, leggings, tunics and oversized shirts, in addition to festive outfits including long dresses, midi skirts in fantasy fabrics and double-layer body wraps. It will go on sale on May 30, ahead of the June 6 start of Ramadan, when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

“The globalization of collections is part of the business development the brand has been applying to different markets for over 10 years now,” the Barcelona-based company said.

“Understanding the characteristics of markets such as those in Arab countries, Asia, cold or inverted season countries is part of the DNA of Mango. For this reason, in 2015 approximately 80 percent of brand turnover corresponded to markets outside Spain,” it added.

Mango joins brands like Marks & Spencer, Uniqlo and Dolce & Gabbana in producing clothing and accessories specifically tailored to Muslim customers.

The trend has triggered vivid debate in France, with Pierre Bergé and Laurence Rossignol, the country’s minister for families, children and women’s rights, among those voicing their opposition.

“I am scandalized. Having worked with Yves Saint Laurent for close to 40 years, I have always believed that a fashion designer is there to make women beautiful and grant them freedom, and not to side with this compulsory dictatorship, this abominable way of hiding women,” Bergé told Europe 1 radio in March.

“It’s not because women are forced to dress that way by their husbands, their families or their entourage that you should go in that direction,” he added. “On the contrary, you should teach them to undress, to revolt, to live like the women of today do across in the world.”

Marks & Spencer offers a full-body swimsuit, or burqini, while Uniqlo introduced a capsule collection by U.K.-born designer Hana Tajima that included traditional wear such as hijabs and a kebaya. Meanwhile, Dolce & Gabbana unveiled a collection of hijabs and abayas.

Mango has more than 2,200 stores in 109 countries.