Manolo Blahnik

GREAT HEELS OF FIRE: Manolo Blahnik’s cinematic moment is building with the release of the trailer for his upcoming biopic and documentary “Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards.”

The film, which will be released on Sept. 15 in New York, features interviews with industry figures including Anna “I don’t look at anyone else’s shoes” Wintour, and André Leon Talley, who calls Blahnik a poet “up there with Baudelaire.”

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Rihanna, David Bailey, John Galliano, Naomi Campbell and Paloma Picasso are among those who feature in the film, which was directed by Michael Roberts, produced by Nevision, Neil Zeiger, Gillian Mosely and Bronwyn Cosgrave.

Blahnik is a natural in front of the camera, despite the fact that he’s never really courted fame or publicity.

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“Oh no, no, no! I love movies desperately, but I have no pretentions or illusions of me being an object of the camera,” he told WWD last year.

“I am a mess in front of the camera. I said to Michael the only condition is that I don’t want to be filmed too much because some days I’m run down or sick. I preferred all the people talking about me — if they want to. This is what the movie is about, it’s like a documentary seen through the eyes of other people, although I’m there, yes.”

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It’s an intimate portrait, said the designer: “It’s about my work, yes, and about who I am. It’s about personal things, although I don’t even know what you call personal anymore. It’s not a vanity project because it was not my idea and I’m a very private person. But you arrive at a certain age and then, well, everything is OK.”


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