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BLAHNIK’S STOP IN PRAGUE: Preciosa Crystal has teamed with luxury shoe house Manolo Blahnik. A single pair of handmade Bohemian-inspired stiletto-heeled boots will be revealed at an unveiling party including a special performance by the Prague National Theatre Ballet on Tuesday. The event will take place at the Preciosa flagship to commemorate Blahnik’s forthcoming exhibition installment in Prague called The Art of Shoes.

The boots are embellished with delicate fuchsia pom-poms and decorated with almost 100 Preciosa crystal chandelier-esque trimmings. This limited-edition pair of Manolos was created to pay homage to Czech Bohemian imagery and folklore.

“Bohemia is very special to me and has always stood for a sense of tradition and quality, yet also evokes something altogether playful and adventurous,” said Manolo Blahnik. “The Preciosa crystal embellishment on this pair of boots lends a pureness and authenticity to my design that I am delighted to share with everyone on this very special occasion.”

Manolo Blahnik attending the exhibition on his name in Milan.

Manolo Blahnik  Andrea Delbò

Karel Páral, commercial development director of Preciosa Crystal Components, said, “This collaboration is truly a unique and beautiful encapsulation of both brands’ shared Bohemian heritage.”

Blahnik’s most recent exhibition, The Art of Shoes, a tribute to his life’s work, will visit Prague, following a stop in St. Petersburg and a ceremonious launch held at the Palazzo Morando in Milan earlier this year. The retrospective showcases 212 shoes and 80 sketches. The Art of Shoes exhibition will open at Museum Kampa in Prague on Aug. 11 and will remain on display until Nov. 12.

Preciosa’s tradition of glassmaking can be traced back five centuries to 1548 in the Crystal valley of Bohemia, where it is still headquartered today.

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