Angela, Rosita and Luca missoni Art Colour exhibit london

A SHOW OF COLOR: Color will be the protagonist of an exhibition opening on Friday, which pairs the artwork of painter Marc Chagall with the artistic creations of the late fashion designer Ottavio Missoni.

Titled “Marc Chagall, Ottavio Missoni. Dream and Color,” the show is curated by Missoni’s son Luca, artistic director of the family company’s archive, and hosted by the Archeological Museum at the city hall of Sesto Calende, a town in the area of Italy where the Missoni company headquarters are located.

The artwork of Chagall featured in the exhibition includes drawings from his “Bible Series” and some lithographs for “The Story of Exodus.” These are shown next to Missoni’s patchwork tapestries, special fabrics and drawings.

“Marc Chagall is one of the great contemporary masters, who inspired the artistic work of Ottavio Missoni. The two men also shared a similar life experience and common cultural roots,” said Luca Missoni, referring to the fact that both Chagall and Missoni experienced exile — the first, a Frenchman in the United States, and the second, a Dalmatia native in Italy.

“I’ve always appreciated the imaginative component of Chagall’s work, especially his enchanted, dreamy atmospheres he re-created and his ability to translate memories in a colorful world for an optimistic vision of life. The same elements characterized the artistic approach of Ottavio Missoni, my father, who created tapestries where the colorful knitted patches reflect life memories,” he continued.

The “Marc Chagall, Ottavio Missoni. Dream and Color” exhibition will run through Dec. 31.