GUCCI’S NEW GUY: Alessandro Michele’s dandified designs for Gucci have found a fan in Marc Jacobs. Jacobs arrived in Paris this morning and headed straight to the Gucci store for tailoring on some pieces he bought in New York but didn’t have time to alter.

Offering that “I never in my life bought anything at Gucci,” Jacobs noted his interest piqued when he saw looks online that reminded him of “things I used to have.” (His just post-Parsons Amadeus collection comes to mind.) “I went in there and of course, I loved the clothes. It’s basically women’s blouses with shrunken men’s suits, which is perfect. It’s what I love. I went there and bought so many clothes.”

Jacobs said that while he hasn’t met Michele, he’s heard from many people, including his friend and stylist Katie Grand, that Michele is “really, really lovely and such a nice guy.” He then offered a creative’s take on such an assessment: “I can’t imagine anyone making those kind of clothes without having that kind of genuine sensitivity.”