Marc Jacobs, Grace Coddington and Sofia Coppola.

SIGNED AND SEALED: Marc Jacobs and Grace Coddington greeted a stream of fans at Tuesday night’s signing for their book “Marc Jacobs Illustrated” at the designer’s Madison Avenue pop-up shop.

The Phaidon-published tome highlights 50 collections created by the fashion designer in the past 25 years as illustrated by Coddington. To leave shoppers and passersby with a more lasting image, 18 mannequins showcased archival looks in the storefront windows that were mirrored by Coddington’s oversize illustrations of them on the windows. Jacobs was far from haunted by his past.

“I was just saying to Grace how great it was to see these things again, because I never look at them. I mean, you know, I don’t live in my past. I have no regrets certainly. I just think it’s so nice to see the selection,” he said. “I just love the whole concept of the book and her drawings have such charm. Then when we pulled these clothes out of the archive, when I arrived up here, I said, ‘Wow, they look really good.’

“They do look really good,” Coddington agreed.

The duo has been on the circuit, so to speak. They will chat about their careers and fashion at a Times Talk on May 31. Another book signing in the West Village’s Bookmarc attracted about 100 people including many of Coddington’s friends from the neighborhood.  Another contributor, Sofia Coppola, who penned the introduction, turned up at Wednesday night’s signing, which was extended by an hour, while Phaidon’s William Norwich was on hand to help execute things. Non-book buyers could find T-shirts, sweatshirts and packs of stickers with images from the new title. Some of the proceeds will benefit the nonprofit Bideawee.

All in all, Jacobs and Coddington found working together to be the best part of working together. Jacobs said, “We get a chance to catch up,” and Coddington added, “which we haven’t had for a while.”

“A little bit of gossip, a little bit of memory lane, a little bit of curiosity for life, what’s going on in the world,” Jacobs said.

He added of his new married status: “I love it. I really love it — so far, so good. I love seeing my husband, I like looking down at my ring, I like knowing that we have a future together. I feel safe and secure. It’s good.”

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