Marc Jacobs revealed his facelift surgery on his Instagram page.

Marc Jacobs is making no secret of his facelift.

The 58-year-old designer on Wednesday posted on Instagram a photograph of his head wrapped up in gauze, wearing a mask with drains to remove excess blood. He cited the hashtags, “Yesterday,” @  Dr. Jacono,  #f*ckgravity and #livelovelift.

After two hours, Jacobs had more than 21,114 likes and more than 464 comments, ranging from “Oooh lifted to high heavns (sic) Can’t wait to see” to “My favorite part of the comments are the sweet people who are asking if something is wrong. Little do they know soon something’s going to be very, very high and tight and right.”

Another person commented, “He’s a great doctor, great choice! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous face.” And yet another, “At least you’re honest about it and I praise you for that.”

“OMG!! WOW!! You looked fabulous! But if your gonna do a lift…Dr. Jacono is the! the!! Best! An artist!! Can’t wait to see the results. Speedy recovery,” said another commenter.

Jacobs was unavailable Wednesday to discuss the facelift, according to a company spokesman.

Jacobs and his husband, Charly Defrancesco, 37,  a former model and candle-maker, tied the knot in 2019 in New York.

Dr. Andrew Jacono is a top New York facial plastic surgeon in New York and Long Island and specializes in facial plastic surgery. According to his website, his current patient base consists of prominent American and international socialites, television news personalities, editors, models, actors, actresses, and “everyday men and women interested in rejuvenating their appearance.”



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