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Lil’ Kim and Marc Jacobs are close. The designer took the rapper as his date to Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars gala in 2004 and the Met Gala in 2005, a few charitable “Marc Jacobs ❤ Lil’ Kim” shirts were made in 2006 while she was serving time, and the rest of the friendship is history.

At his runway show on the last day of New York Fashion Week, Kim had a different date accompanying her out on the town: Marc Jacob’s boyfriend Char Defrancesco. Afterward, the pair emerged from the Armory’s Park Avenue exit for the post-show presentation, stopping to take selfies with each other and the various fans in attendance. While the designer had outlawed social media during his silent showing, the floodgate opened up post show. Kim, holding a single red rose, asked someone to take her photo in front of the models lounging on chairs in front of speakers blasting music, while a blonde Katy Perry captured the action on her phone from the top of the staircase leading to the street.

Before the show, guests filed into the Armory, which was bare except for two long rows of folding chairs on each side of the narrow runway. “You want to walk down the center, or you’re going to have to climb over the chairs,” the publicist flanking the entrance instructed. Not that anyone had much attention to dodge; no photographers were allowed inside, and the typical pre-show clamor was absent. Not even a soundtrack played, and the wooden floor amplified the clicking of Emily Ratajkowski’s towering platform boots (they were Marc, of course.)

“If Marc calls, you show up,” remarked Bethann Hardison. “He keeps us on our toes. First of all, he’s always so whimsically, beautifully creative, and he’s like the last of the Mohicans at some of these things. I believe in shows, and he likes to put on a show.”


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