ART AND COMMERCE: A year after Kidult tagged the word “ART” on the Marc Jacobs store in New York’s SoHo district, the graffiti guru did it again at the Paris flagship in Palais Royal. This time he struck the back of the store, at 34 Rue Montpensier, giving him a bigger canvas and sidestepping the controversy of sullying the facade of a classified historical monument.

The tag, a big 686 with small dollar signs nearby, refers to the price of the souvenir photo T-shirts Jacobs produced after the SoHo incident. A T-shirt will again be produced, Jacobs president Robert Duffy confirmed while photographing Kidult’s handiwork as two of the store’s male employees posed in front wearing dresses from the latest Jacobs collection.

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Once again, an act denouncing consumerism is bringing more ideas for marketing — and unconventional ones at that. Duffy said the new T-shirt would go on sale for $686, or 524 euros, for the unsigned version, and $430, or 328 euros, for what’s dubbed a “signed” version, autographed by someone other than the elusive Kidult.