COCKTAIL TALK: Maria Cornejo held a cocktail in a showroom in Paris’ Marais neighborhood on Sunday to celebrate her spring collection and birthday, which falls this week. So what was her one wish for the special day?

“More time,” she said with a smile.

For fun while in Paris, the New York-based designer likes to soak in culture, since otherwise she doesn’t have the time.

“I went to go see Tilda Swinton with Charlotte Rampling [at the modern art museum], which was amazing. I went to the Vuitton foundation and saw Leslie Winer play music. I’m going to a dance performance. I went to the Quai Branly,” she ticked off. “I just try and get snippets of culture, the things I don’t get to do when I’m in New York. And for me it’s not about shopping.”

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