SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED: Putting a quirky spin on the art of correspondence, French artist Marie Beltrami has concocted an unusual exhibition for Louis Vuitton. Titled “Vie de timbrée” — based on a word pun which translates into either “stamped” or “crazy life” — it runs through March 12 at Vuitton’s Cabinet d’Ecriture on Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

More than 300 envelopes are displayed — all part of a project that started in 2007: Beltrami sent a letter to a friend, but instead of putting a stamp on it, she used a photograph of herself. Curiously, the letter got delivered, and so the story began.

Beltrami continued stamping envelopes with images of herself, each representing an event in her life, and sending them to friends and celebrities. As she asked for the letter to be returned, she turned the project into a performance art piece. Angela Merkel replied — and even Queen Elizabeth II.

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