Marigay McKee in better days.

FASHION FAUX PAS EXTRAORDINAIRE: Marigay McKee, former president of Saks Fifth Avenue and industry consultant, might have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in September with only minor injuries (losing some toenails), but as they say, most accidents occur in the home.

On Wednesday, McKee fell down a flight of stairs at her New York town house when her Manolo Blahnik heel got caught in her Gucci cream coat. She was rushed to the hospital, where she received 40 stitches and was treated for a fractured wrist. She is now recuperating at home.

“I’m recuperating fine, just very purple,” McKee said. She explained that she was on the way to a Citigroup holiday lunch on Wednesday at midday, wearing head-to-to cream Gucci. “As I walked out of my house having just finished a great SoulCycle meeting with their [chief executive officer], I caught my Manolo heel in the hem of my new coat and went flying past 12 steps and landed on the pavement in a pool of blood,” she said. A very frightened Uber driver was waiting for her and some passersby helped her, called 911 and off she went to Mount Sinai hospital “by this stage in a Bordeaux outfit,” she said.

McKee got surgery on her chin — 22 stitches — and 18 stitches on her eyebrow, suffered a fractured left wrist, and is in a cast. Fortunately for her, her assistant was with her the whole time. But unfortunately, she missed several launches, dinners and parties over the past 36 hours (Nancy Gonzalez shoe launch and dinner, the De Beers opening, the New Blushington opening and party, and Monica Vinader’s SoHo opening, to name a few).  “Healing fast, but look like ‘Rocky IV,’ and cream is not coming out again until spring,” she said.

Keeping her sense of humor and positive attitude, she added:  “Happy the cast is on my left arm not my right and will be able to keep writing. And dark glasses for sure at next week’s meetings.

“It’s amazing that I can do Kilimanjaro, which was 20,000 feet, without incident but can’t manage 12 steps in the Upper East Side,” McKee said.