DUBROVNIK TO DALLAS: It’s a typical week for Mario Testino — shooting Lara Stone for Vogue in Dubrovnik; three days of festivities for his “Alta Moda” exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary; and off to the collections in Paris.

“Our lives have become so full, no?” mused Testino during an afternoon of media interviews at the gallery. “We seem to be expected to do in the same time what some years ago we did 20 percent of.”

Not that he’s complaining. On his first visit to Texas, the Peruvian photographer hobnobbed with Dallas’ elite during a $5,000-a-plate benefit Friday on the rooftop of the Joule Hotel, greeted 350 fans Saturday evening at the show’s opening, partied with Erin Wasson and billionaire Tim Headington at a new subterranean lounge at the Joule, and presented a public talk about the show’s large-scale images of Peruvians in elaborate native costumes. The project is ongoing as Testino turns his lens to other regions of Peru.

“I’ve lived abroad 38 years, and it’s funny how your land just calls you,” he reflected. “It’s a desire to show the world what we have. Sadly, people don’t realize what they have at their doorstep.”

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