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ANTIVIRAL: Marissa “Viral Proposal” Grossman, née Fuchs, is said to have had another wedding ceremony.

Double weddings happen, usually when couples have most of their family and friends between disparate locales. In the case of Grossman, her second ceremony seems an attempt to have a wedding that did not include a brand deck and sponsored content to fill hundreds of Instagram stories and scores of posts documenting what seemed to be her every bridal moment.

The ceremony is said to have taken place Wednesday night at the Gramercy Park Hotel and the bride wore a white feathered dress. The one rule? No phones allowed. Ironic given that her first wedding and “surprise” proposal at the end of July were crafted to be on Instagram and brands were directly solicited to “align with this momentous occasion” (meaning pay or offer free product for promotion). But it apparently worked — there isn’t a mention of the second ceremony to be found on social media, including Grossman’s own.

Grossman moonlights as a budding influencer and has worked since early 2018 as director of brand partnerships for Goop (or maybe it’s the other way around?). But when her proposal went viral and a number of outlets, from People to The Atlantic, started to write about it, its accompanying brand deck and its staged feeling, the company was taken off guard. A source close to Goop told WWD the company was surprised by the extensive branding effort and had no part in it. Goop founder and chief executive officer Gwyneth Paltrow was said by another source to have been particularly put off by the event. Although chatter among some in the fashion crowd has swirled that Grossman was subsequently let go from Goop, a company spokeswoman said that she is in fact still in her same position with the same responsibilities.

Regardless, Grossman’s profile has risen a bit given the moment of popularity her proposal had. In addition to many, many items written by online media outlets, the weekend event was covered on network morning show segments the following Monday. The extensive documentation also grew Grossman’s Instagram following to around 180,000 from roughly 140,000. In the weeks since, it’s slowly ticked down by a few thousand followers, according to social media tracker Social Blade.

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