Gracie Carvahlo wearing designs from her collaboration with Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode label.

GETTING HER KICKS: NFL watchers are abuzz about rumblings that Marshawn Lynch may come out of retirement to get back on the field for the Las Vegas-bound Oakland Raiders, but more certain is today’s launch of Gracie Carvalho’s collaboration with Lynch’s Beast Mode label.

With the Gracie x Beast Mode collection, the Brazilian model is using her interest in Muay Thai (better known as Thai boxing) for design inspiration. Developed several hundred years ago, it is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. Muay Thai is referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs,” and using eight points of contact, the body mimics weapons of war. The Brazilian model got hooked on the sport three years ago after her self-defense trainer encouraged her to try it. She has since traveled to Thailand numerous times to improve her stand-up striking and clinching abilities. When she can, Carvalho trains daily in New York taking a Muay Thai class followed by a jiu-jitsu one.

Disappointed with the options for female Thai boxers, Carvalho asked her agency, The Lions, to connect her with an athletic company. They hooked her up with Beast Mode (and not so long ago with MAC Cosmetics for another deal). She has created a Knockout cropped top, a Jab cropped top, Muay Thai shorts, Knockout bralette, Satin bomber and a mélange of leggings, hoodies and warm-up joggers. “I was surprised when I met him. Normally, pretty much all of these sports guys have something going on with clothing or drinks. I thought, ‘Maybe he is just one more athlete who is trying to do something.’ But he knows everything that is going on with his business. He’s into it. Every time we have meetings he wants to sit down with me. He’s very professional. He understands what he’s doing. He loves what he’s doing. Some people just do things to do it.”

One idea Lynch didn’t go for was a trip to the gym with Carvalho to learn Thai boxing. “He’s a pretty shy guy so maybe he just wants to stay in his zone,” Carvalho said.

As for whether the running back will return to the NFL where he is still under contract with the Seattle Seahawks, the model said, “Actually, I don’t know.”

Jittery about whether Lynch and his team would be on board with her collaboration idea, Carvalho said she hashed out that fear with her therapist beforehand. “I wanted to do it so bad, but I didn’t know if I could. At my first meeting with Marshawn, I was so supernervous…but after that I had a really good team behind me and everything went perfect.”

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