MY CAPTAIN: Martin Grant and Qantas have teamed up on a redesign of the Australian airline company’s uniform with plans for the Melbourne-born, Paris-based designer to create outfits for 2,500 pilots, expected to roll out in 2016.

According to Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, the revamped look will “reflect modern Australian style as well as the positive things happening at Qantas.”

The current pilot uniform, designed by Australian designer Peter Morrissey in 2003, features a single-breasted black jacket and trousers. The outfits have not been updated in over a decade and Grant aims to travel for design inspiration. He plans to incorporate feedback from the airline staff by holding focus groups over the next few weeks with the pilots, and will join them in a simulator to get a sense of their working setting.

“I want it to be comfortable, stylish and most of all, distinguished,” said Grant. “Early feedback from Qantas pilots is that they want to retain the traditional image but give it a modern makeover to be more elegant and more wearable. The female pilots are also hoping for a more feminine line so I will have that front of mind when I begin the design stage.”

“A key part of the design process will be asking our pilots what they would like to see in the new design,” explained Joyce. “With an increase in the number of female pilots in the Qantas ranks, the design of the female uniform will also be a focus.”

Grant collaborated with Qantas in 2013 and designed the attire for the cabin crew and ground staff, which was modeled by Miranda Kerr at the debut.