PRINTS CHARMING: One male guest is sure to stand out at the Sidaction AIDS benefit gala in Paris Wednesday. At the launch of Mary Katrantzou’s capsule line of handbags for Longchamp at Colette on Tuesday evening, Cameron Silver, owner of the well-known Decades boutique specializing in vintage-wear in Los Angeles, revealed Katrantzou has made a suit for him for the occasion. “It’s very floral, very memorable and very Mary; it’s really subtle,” he laughed, adding, “ I have a feeling it will be the launch of her men’s collection — or the demise of it.” Katrantzou responded she’d “love to” do a men’s line. “But I’m not ready yet realistically…. I think he has that kind of presence, so it’s a good testing ground,” said Katrantzou, referring to Silver.  The designer said she was looking forward to the launch of her capsule clothing line for Topshop in February during London Fashion Week, which is inspired by her fall 2011 collection. So any clues for the inspiration behind fall 2012 line? “It’s kind of the Golden Age, meets a Crayola box, meets the mundane — does that make sense?” she cackled.

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