The Mary Katrantzou show in Beijing

Designer Mary Katrantzou brought a slice of Andy Warhol’s Factory to China Fashion Week on Sunday night, reprising her fall collection through Mercedes-Benz’s International Designer Exchange Program.

The designer restaged her London show, replete with pillow-shaped, silvered balloons, inspired by Warhol’s “clouds” installation. The Asian models strutted down the reflective runway to the upbeat country tunes of Dolly Parton and Lynn Anderson.

“[The show] is a great way to introduce the brand in a more cohesive way, exciting way, where you could look at the collection up close and relive that experience. I think it’s important to travel with your show and you rarely can do so,” Katrantzou said after the show.

Newly installed chief executive officer, Trino Verkade, formerly with designer Thom Browne and Alexander McQueen, said part of the Beijing trip is aimed at strengthening bonds with business partners and raising brand awareness in the region.

“It was important for us to come to Beijing to communicate to our [global] customer. We’re not a brand with a lot of money and a lot of advertising spend…So it’s more important for us to actually come do something more grassroots,” Verkade said, adding that the label is still independent and self-financed.

On Monday, Katrantzou will be doing a trunk show for VIP customers at department store Joyce in Beijing.

“[The trunk show] will allow customers [to] look at the pieces up close and be able to buy beyond what they could buy in Paris,” Katrantzou said, expressing how she hopes to make more trips to China beyond Beijing.

On Wednesday, China’s Mercedes-Benz International Designer Exchange winner, Xiao Li, will be repeating her fall show from London Fashion Week.