France is honoring artisans from the fashion and jewelry worlds. Christian Adrien, a jewelry designer at Cartier, and Raffaele Ilardo, the head of Dior’s Couture atelier, have both been awarded the title of maitre d’art, or master of the arts, in recognition of their talent and inspiration to others. The awards, given out annually by the French culture ministry to distinguish highly skilled artisans, included professionals from the luxury goods association Comité Colbert for the first time. Each maitre d’art takes on an apprentice to train over three years, in a program funded by the government. In another first, pieces by all 15 of the newly named maitre d’arts, which also included the Louvre’s tapestry maker and decorator Lionel Hück, will be exhibited at Paris’ Galerie des Gobelins in November.

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