Valentino RTW Fall 2020

HELPING SPAIN: Valentino, Balmain and Pal Zileri parent group Mayhoola is supporting the Madrid community, heavily hit by the coronavirus emergency, by donating 1 million euros.

The project will contribute to the expansion of the emergency field hospital COVID-19 IFEMA, quickly built within the Madrid Exhibition Center (IFEMA).

The objective of this temporary health-care facility is to accommodate 1,300 patients. The emergency field hospital will become the largest hospital structure in Madrid. The plan was launched on March 22 and within 24 hours, it was already operative, Mayhoola said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread quickly in Spain, despite the restrictions and safety measures taken in the city. “The space accommodating the infected patients was insufficient, while the emergency structures were already heavily struggling. The extraordinary temporary hospital facility will serve to improve the handling of the health emergency situation in Madrid, one of the more affected cities in Spain by the pandemic,” Mayhoola said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, cumulative cases in Spain surged past 90,000 over the past month, while the death toll jumped from zero to more than 8,000 — the second highest globally behind Italy.

In March, as reported, the Qatar-based fund donated a total of 2 million euros to help Italy fight the COVID-19 crisis, contributing with 1 million euros to improve the efficiency and security of the Intensive Care Treatment Unit at Sacco Hospital in Milan, one of the cities in Italy most affected by the virus. The other 1 million euros were channeled into the Protezione Civile Italiana, the country’s Civil Protection.