Backstage at Balmain RTW Fall 2020

HELPING HAND: Mayhoola, the parent company of Balmain, Valentino and Pal Zileri, has donated 1 million euros to help support French caregivers and hospitals during the coronavirus crisis.

The Qatar-based fund, which has previously donated 2 million euros in Italy and 1 million euros in Spain to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, is supporting French charity La Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris — Hôpitaux de France (FHP-HF), headed by French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

“Today, France finds itself in a critical situation. The COVID-19 virus has spread quickly, despite increasingly restrictive quarantine measures enacted by the government. As the country approaches the peak of the pandemic, hospitals and caretakers have been stretched to the limit and needed medical supplies are dwindling,” Mayhoola said in a statement.

Founded in 1989, the FHP-HF funds more than 15,400 projects in French hospitals. The Mayhoola donation will go toward two hospitals located in Seine-Saint Denis, north of Paris, one of the French departments hardest hit by the outbreak.

“Although the crisis has not yet reached its peak in Seine-Saint Denis, the region’s hospitals, unfortunately, are already overwhelmed, with both the number of patients and deaths rising at worrying rates. The medical staff urgently needs more material and support, in order to be able to face the days ahead,” Mayhoola said.

Each hospital will receive 400,000 euros to procure equipment including respirators, blood collection kits, syringe drivers, masks and catheters. They will each receive an additional 100,000 euros to allow medical staff a chance to recover, rest and eat correctly between and during shifts.

Mayhoola joins the ranks of luxury brands that have donated funds and resources to the battle against COVID-19 in France.

LVMH has ordered 40 million masks from a Chinese industrial supplier to address the shortage in French hospitals. In addition, it has retooled its perfumes and cosmetics production units to manufacture and distribute large quantities of hydroalcoholic gel.

Meanwhile, Kering said it would purchase 3 million imported Chinese surgical masks that it will provide to French health services. The group has also financed the acquisition of 60 3-D printers that produce emergency medical supplies such as visors, valves for respirators, intubation equipment, masks and handles.